The Ultimate Freedom

Martin Petera | August 16th, 2016
Private jets give you the freedom to fly whenever and wherever you want in an environment perfectly tailored to your taste and needs. If you or your company have the means to purchase such an aircraft, there are many points to consider.

Private Jet Advantages

Flexibility is the key point of private jet traveling. You can arrive at small FBO terminals few minutes before the plane departs, define your own time schedule and be able to make short notice changes. Crowded airports, extended waits and strikes, common problems with commercial aviation, are to be avoided.

Around 96% of all direct city pairs served by business aviation worldwide do not have any scheduled commercial flights. This gives you the availability to visit three cities in one day and still be back for dinner with your family.

Private jets typically fly higher then commercial jets. That puts them above traffic, weather, and the routes are more direct. Extra flexibility allow private jets to capture better winds and avoid adverse weather, too.

All this leads to the finest advantage, saving time and money.

Private aircraft are often suitable to land at smaller airfields, generally closer to your final destination. Just in Europe, there is around 5,000 airports accessible by private aircraft, and only 500 of them are served by commercial airlines.

Some private aircraft go far with their versatility, ready for bush flying between unpaved runways or landing on water right by the beach.

Not only you are moving faster and avoiding crowded airports, many use their private aircraft as a fully equipped office space. With addition to internet access now available for private aircraft, your work efficiency is not limited at all.

It is risky to have confidential conversation even in first or business class. Onboard of private aircraft you know everybody who travels with you.


Who buys a private jet?

Thinking that luxury is the primary purpouse of private jets is a pure myth. Around 90% of all private aircraft are used as a business tool keeping highly paid executives productive.

Owner Pilots
Successful individuals with a passion for flying are often quite happy to buy and fly their private plane by themselves. Many aircraft are single pilot certified, enabling owner-pilots to travel at easy.

High Net Worth Individuals
It is not suprising that the comfort, flexibility and speed of private traveling attracts numerous high net worth individuals. Typically, these customers hire their own pilots and crew.

Special Missions
Rare uses for a private aircraft include special missions like airborne surveillance, cargo transportation, research, air ambulance and many others, including the missions for military purposes.